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June 26, 2009

Wife went in for beta blood work today at 7:45am.  We got the call from the Dr at 1:30pm that we are NOT pregnant.  Guess those two, healthy, beautiful embroys decided they didn’t want to stick around for 9 months.  Well, we are obviously very upset, but I kinda had a feeling.  She was cramping and spotting, and the home pregnancy tests kept coming up negative.

Well, now it is time to regroup and see if we try this game again, or something different.


T Minus 4 days…

June 22, 2009

We go in for our Beta this Friday and we are super nervous.  Her OHSS is totally cured, the swelling went down and she is feeling great.  Our main concern is that she has been getting cramps.  These are similar to what she gets when she starts her priod.  Today, 8 days post transfer, she had some slight spotting.  She panicked and consulted a friend who underwent IVF.  It is crazy all the different answers you get to yoru questions.  Some people say cramping is normal and a good sign (embryo implanting).  Some say spotting is a good sign.  Others report it is just the onset of their period. 

I guess there is no right or wrong answer, since every woman, and every situation is different.  Waiting has got to be the hardest part.  Not nearly as hard as getting a negative, but still hard.  Just a few more days to find out what is going on in there.  Wish us luck.

The waiting game begins

June 15, 2009

On Sunday at 7am we went to the doctors office to prep for the embryo transfer.  My wife has been having some issues with bloating.  Apparently her ovaries are hyper-stimulated, causing fluid to build up.  This causes her discomfort, the feeling of being full, difficulty breathing and basic abdominal pain.  It isn’t uncommon in IVF procedures, however I do fault the Doctor office in that she called them 2 times telling them of these problems and they just told her it was normal.  However, when we went into for the transfer the doctor looked pretty concerned and if we were candidates for embryo freezing it would have been done until her ovaries settled down and the fluid levels went back to normal.

The doctor stated, and I have confirmed via research that OHSS isn’t a risk for the baby, or even at your chances of getting pregnant, but it cuases the mother pain for basically the first trimester.  I don’t want my wife to be in any pain at all, so I am very upset and concerned.  We are going back to the office on Wednesday for some tests so they can monitor the fluid levels.  Hopefully they won’t have to drain her fluid as other women I have read about have had done.

The embryologist came in with pictures of our embryos.  Apparently only one of the AAs made it, and the next runner up was I believe a BA or BB or something like that.  Again, we were disapointed as of Saturday the AAs were still doing great.  So we got an AA and a B? implanted.  Now keep in mind the grades don’t effect the quality of the child.  That is the say, the lower the grade doesn’t mean the child will be retarded or have problems, learning difficulties, etc.  It is just that the higher the grade, the better the chance of implantation.  We made it all the way to a 5 day blastocyte, which supposedly increases your chances of success, but the little bugger still has to implant into the uterus lining.  So we wait until  this Friday when they do a blood test to see how her progesterone levels are, and then the following Friday for our beta pregnany test. 

They don’t give you a yes or no.  They basically monitor the hormone levels and if they are going up, then you are in the clear.  So we wait for 2 weeks now, and just take it easy.  This is the hardest part, because science has stopped and mother nature has taken over.  Wish us luck!

Egg McMuffins & Horse Needles

June 11, 2009

Started our first progesterone shot yesterday.  That’s the Queens we, I just did the sticking, she did the receiving.  It went very well.  Again, I prepared the needle, a 1 1/2 inch 22 gauge monster with the progesterone.  She couldn’t lay on her belly this time as she already looks 2 months pregnant and it still hurts a bit from the retrieval.  So she bent over the bed.  And yes, my mind wandered.  Anyway I iced her ass for about 5 minutes, swabbed it with alcohol and jabbed that bad boy in.  Again, no pain, no discomfort, she hardly felt a thing.  A quick back rub later and she was all ready to watch TV.  We have to get good at this, as you have to give progesterone shots every single day until she get s a postive on the pregnancy test.  If pregnant, you have to continue till around week 7, so that is 7+ weeks of horse shots.

Got the news from the embryologist today:

If you remember, they retrieved 19 eggs.  Of the 19, 14 fertilized, and the numbers are in:

We have 7 embryos that are graded as AA’s (the best of the best)
And 5 are AB’s (awesome)
And the rest are B’s.  (still great).

Looks like implantation will be on Sunday.  Unfortunately due to medical conditions on my side, they can’t freeze our embryos, so hopefully this works.  Will give you more news when we get it.  Wish us luck!