It’s a Miracle

We have been waiting for my wife to start her period so on day three we could schedule our fist round of IUI with our new doctor.  December 14th was day one of her last cycle, and she has been between 28-30 days.  While we have been waiting a good friend of ours made a suggestion.  He said, the only way to get pregnant was to have sex on the floor.  I know, sounds like a bunch of hog-wash.  But come on, you know you have to try it.  So midway into her cycle in December we did just that.  Got on the floor and did it like we were back in college, not well into our 30s.  Let me tell you, not the most comfortable position to say the least.

Flash forward to today.  She is 7 days late from her period, but she is not regular so didn’t think much of it.  We decided to try the good ol HPT this morning and wham, double line.  We couldn’t believe it.  So we took another test.  Instantly two beautiful lines appeared.  In total shock, we went to the doctors office and got a blood test.  HcG levels at 8064, and we are 5 weeks along. Absoluely amazing and a freaking miracle. 

So my advice, try having sex on the floor, seems to have worked for us!!!


2 Responses to “It’s a Miracle”

  1. misterivf Says:

    Unbelievable!!! What an amazing outcome. I am really lost for words. You need to get on Oprah and write a book about doing it on the floor!!! Congrats!

  2. vintagemother Says:

    I found your blog and love it! Please post an update! I was reading your posts outloud to my husband laughing. Thanks. We all need humor in our life of IVF. The post about the pizza and the porno plot made me laugh. I liked reading about IVF from a husband’s point of view.

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