More of the waiting game

It always seems like in the world if IVF, you do nothing but wait.  We “switched” to a new doctor whom I liked, but my wife wasn’t too thrilled with.  He really seemed to know his stuff, but she was upset that he talked down to us.  That and he looks like quasi-moto.  As long as our kids don’t look like him I’ll be fine.

He suggested that we skip IVF until he does at least 4 IUI procedures.  This is basically the turkey baster with a little Clomid to stimulate the folicles.  We tried this one time before, but he really feels that you should do 4 attempts before doing IVF.  AFter 4 attempts you had a 40% success rate, and if that failed you should move on to the next step.  Our last doctor never explained it like that to us so we went from one IUI cycle to IVF right away.

Seeing how IUI is about 10,000 times less expensive I thought it might be a good idea.  I also liked the way they do it there.  They will use clomid and via ultra-sound ensure that there are follicles and measure them.  Then they will give a trigger shot and I come in the next day to produce my sample.  Then they do another ultra-sound to see if the follices actually had released and then you wait two weeks to see if it all worked. The last clinic we went to didn’t do any of the trigger shots or ultra-sound, so maybe this is better?

He looked at the results from our last Dr and our IVF treatment and he saw that she produced a ton of eggs and our fertilization rate was awesome.  So that part is good.  I just think it is something with the lining and getting the suckers to stick.  She has all sorts of problems now like irregular periods, acne, going months without ovulating.  It seems that once we started treatment (hormone therapy, accupuncture, herbal diets, etc) that it fucked up her body something fierce.

The new clinic wanted us to call on day1 of her cycle.  She normally has a 30 day cycle, this month it was 28 days.  We called on day 1, nurse was out, called on day 2, nurse was out, called on day 3, she apologized she was on vacation, and we would need to start the clomid on day 3, BUT by day 11 we would need to come in for an ultra-sound.  Well guess what, we will be out of town for Christmas.  Damn, another month we have to wait now.  I guess January will be our magic month.

Speaking of Christmas, I am not looking forward to it this year.  Her older sister has 3 kids, and her younger sister has a newborn.  We are the only ones childless, and nothing is worse than being around kids when you have none.  Sorry, but it makes you uber jealous.

Well,I guess we will have to wait until January and see what happens.  In the meantime, we will just sit here and wait…


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One Response to “More of the waiting game”

  1. misterivf Says:


    one thing I heard from our clinic is that clomid can thin the lining, so if you have a lining issue then IUI may not be the best next step. not trying to freak you out, and dont know if you have a lining issue, but just something to research and check into I guess. I know about the uber jealous, its horrid. Good luck and hang in there.

    Mister IVF

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