Our new plan

Wow, it has been 5 months since my last update.  As you might recall, we had a negative on our pregnancy test after our 1st IVF round.  We regrouped and decided to just let things settle down a bit.  During that time we bought some really expensive ovulation monitors and figured we would give it a go ourselves until we decided if we wanted to do IVF again.

The monitors proved to be ineffective.  Apparently my wife has such low levels of hormones that the monitors couldn’t pick up when she was ovulating.  We went 2 months with not a single increase in levels that we figured the machine was broken.  We sent it in for testing and they confirmed that she had the smallest of increases of hormone levels but not enough for the machine to pick up.  She went in for blood work and ovulation was confirmed for the 1st month, damn, we missed another opportunity.  The 2nd month she didn’t ovulate at all.  WTF?  Her body is all messed up at this point.

She decided to go to a hormone therapist as well as a accupuncturist.  These weekly trips had her full of holes and eating her weight in pills, vitamins, and nasty powders you mix into water.  She had to spit in a test tube every 2 days and freeze it and then send it in for testing.  All this crazy stuff, and all I have to do is ejaculate into a cup.  Doesn’t quite seem fair if you ask me.

Last month we figured we would just try ourselves again and on the 35th day, she still hadn’t gotten her period.  Of course we got excited, but all HPTs showed negative.  Turns out once again she hadn’t ovulated.  This is turning into a disaster.  I mean, I get if the powers that be don’t want it to work for whatever reason, but at least give us all the tools to try and play the game.  It isn’t fair if she is broken 1/2 the time.

Anyways, we tried again in October and today is actually the 30th day of her 30 day cycle with some slight cramping but no break-through bleeding.  Who knows, maybe we got lucky this month, or maybe again she didn’t ovulate.  We will know in a few days I suppose.

In the meantime we have sought a new fertility doctor in Tampa.  He apparently is one of the best in the country (aren’t they all?) but works at a teaching hospital, so he should have all the latest and greatest stuff at his disposal.  I’ll keep you informed how that goes.  We are looking at a January IVF date if the natural method doesn’t pan out until then.


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One Response to “Our new plan”

  1. misterivf Says:

    Good luck mate. Fingers crossed. Nice to hear an update , but sorry that its not great news.

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