The waiting game begins

On Sunday at 7am we went to the doctors office to prep for the embryo transfer.  My wife has been having some issues with bloating.  Apparently her ovaries are hyper-stimulated, causing fluid to build up.  This causes her discomfort, the feeling of being full, difficulty breathing and basic abdominal pain.  It isn’t uncommon in IVF procedures, however I do fault the Doctor office in that she called them 2 times telling them of these problems and they just told her it was normal.  However, when we went into for the transfer the doctor looked pretty concerned and if we were candidates for embryo freezing it would have been done until her ovaries settled down and the fluid levels went back to normal.

The doctor stated, and I have confirmed via research that OHSS isn’t a risk for the baby, or even at your chances of getting pregnant, but it cuases the mother pain for basically the first trimester.  I don’t want my wife to be in any pain at all, so I am very upset and concerned.  We are going back to the office on Wednesday for some tests so they can monitor the fluid levels.  Hopefully they won’t have to drain her fluid as other women I have read about have had done.

The embryologist came in with pictures of our embryos.  Apparently only one of the AAs made it, and the next runner up was I believe a BA or BB or something like that.  Again, we were disapointed as of Saturday the AAs were still doing great.  So we got an AA and a B? implanted.  Now keep in mind the grades don’t effect the quality of the child.  That is the say, the lower the grade doesn’t mean the child will be retarded or have problems, learning difficulties, etc.  It is just that the higher the grade, the better the chance of implantation.  We made it all the way to a 5 day blastocyte, which supposedly increases your chances of success, but the little bugger still has to implant into the uterus lining.  So we wait until  this Friday when they do a blood test to see how her progesterone levels are, and then the following Friday for our beta pregnany test. 

They don’t give you a yes or no.  They basically monitor the hormone levels and if they are going up, then you are in the clear.  So we wait for 2 weeks now, and just take it easy.  This is the hardest part, because science has stopped and mother nature has taken over.  Wish us luck!


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One Response to “The waiting game begins”

  1. misterivf Says:

    good luck guys. making it to trf is a brilliant result and dont worry too much about the grading. some crummy looking embryos make great kids!

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