Initial results are in

The embryologist just called with the results of our little petri dish babies.  If you remember, they took out 19 glorious eggs from my wife yesterday.  She is doing great by the way today.  Up and about and at work.  Though she is taking it easy. 

Of the 19 eggs removed, we just got word that 14 fertilized.  The embryologist said that number was fantastic.  We get word tommorow on how they are doing, and the grade of the ones that make it through the night.  I asked my wife if she wanted to name them, we decided that might take up too much time.  We’ll spend time naming the hopefully twins we get. 

Tonight is the first progesterone shot.  Another horse needle, square in the ass.  Hopefully she takes it as well as the trigger shot.  More tommorow.  Wish us luck!


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