Smack that Ass

Before we started this whole IVF journey we kept hearing how awful the injections were.  Everything from the pain of the actual injection to the effects of the drugs.  I had nightmares of my wife running after me with kitchen shears because of her awful cramps or snapping at me in the blink of an eye.

Well I am still here and alive, and honestly, it has been pretty tame.  She had a few days where her head hurt a bit, but that is pretty status quo for the two of us.  Beyond that, not too bad.  However, the last two days she said her ovaries are hurting, and she will occassionaly get a sharp cramp for a split second.

She went to the doctor on Monday and he took a look inside and said her eggs need more time to grow.  Yesterday she went in for a pre-op appointment, where they basically make you sign your life away. And tommorow at 7am she goes in for another round of blood work and a peek inside to see if we are ready to extract.

We both started taking mandated antibiotics, and my only advice there is take on a full stomach or you’ll be sorry 🙂  Tommorow I have to, umm, relieve myself, according to the Doctor.  I am sure he said it more doctor like, but basically I have to clear the tubes so to speak.  Hopefully it won’t be a solo affair, we will have to see.

If all goes according to plan, we do the trigger shot on Saturday, but more liklely it will be a few extra days if her eggs don’t cooperate.  That is the part she is most worried about as the needles for all the other shots are babies, but this trigger and subsequent progesterone looks like you could take a core sample with the thing.  It is a beast, and goes all the way in the butt.   Wish us luck 🙂


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One Response to “Smack that Ass”

  1. misterivf Says:

    Hang in there guys. Grow eggies grow, but is all about quality… big numbers can really be a false guide, nice slow growers that get mature – thats what you want. Good luck with the horse needles 🙂

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