One week down, and counting

Today I have officially harpooned my wife twice a day, with .5cc of Lupron for 9 days.  There haven’t been many side effects, except for an occassional headache, and some light bruises.  I think the headaches are steming more from her desire to remove caffeine from her diet.  So no more Sunkist for her.  She is having withdrawls.  And she isn’t taking Excedrine which contains caffeine to help the headaches, hence, more headaches. 

Earlier this week she was a bit moody.  I thought it was the medicine, she told me it was because she had her third period this month.  I guess I too would be cranky if that happened to me.  This Thursday she goes in for an ultra-sound at around 7am, and we start two other injectibles the day before.  We are also leave for NY at 11am n Thursday, so I hope the doctor isn’t running late.  I have to start antibiotics for 10 days on Saturday to make sure I have no nasty stuff in my baby batter.  Well, wish us luck. We need it…


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One Response to “One week down, and counting”

  1. misterivf Says:

    Good luck!

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