Can you get pregnant with a little prick?

So here we are in IVF land.  We have gone through the informational seminar, had all parts of our medical history examined, gone through countless tests, and paid over $9,000 just to sit in a room with 3 other couples and learn how to use the $2,000 in shiny new needles we just bought.

There is something surreal about sitting with other couples that are going through the same thing as you are.  You can’t help but wonder what their problem is.  You sit there in judgement of others.  I found myself wondering how some of these people could even afford this entire process, it aint cheap baby.  Our two hour lesson covered everything from how to mix the needed drugs, how to inject yourself or your partner, how to follow a calendar to a T, etc.

I honestly felt that the nurse in charge did a wonderful job.  She really explained things well, and the IVF clinic gave us a great calendar with all the dates we needed to do things on there.  It made it pretty easy.   It can be intimidating when you get this bag full of drugs, and scores of needles and syringes.  Further, some of the medicines need to be given at very specific times, or you basically F the entire thing up.

A few days after our lessons it was time to put our knowledge to the test and start our Lupron injections.  These needles are super tiny, and have only .5ml of liquid in them.  I loaded the needle up and my wife laid in bed while I prepared her injection site.  Now I’ve given our dogs tons of shots, and was on injectible medicine myself, so I am pretty much a pro at this stuff.  But I have to admit, I was very nervous about hurting my lovely wife.  It took me a few seconds to gain the courage to prick her, albeit with a very small needle.  All went well, and she didn’t even whince.  She has to take shots 2 times a day, 12 hours apart for about a week and a half to start.  What is worrying us is the trigger shot and the Progesterone shots.  These are enormous needles that have to enter the muscle.  I think they are 22 or 18 gauge needles that are about 1 1/2 inches long.  I am seriously petrified to give her this shot, I think I might pop through the other side of her body and take out a core sample while I’m at it.  Worst case scenario she will need about 7 of these shots.  If pregnant, the best case is she is on them daily for about 7 weeks.  It sucks, but the body doesn’t produce progesterone naturally during IVF, so you need to inject it into the body to trick the system. 

But we are several days away from the large needle, and in a few days we will be up to about 3-6 needles a day.  Like I said, they are small, don’t really bruise and are pretty painless.  So far her mood has been pretty good.  Tommorow is her last day on the pill, so her flow will likely start, and she is pissed about that.  If you are wondering why you would be on the pill while trying to get pregnant it is pretty simple.  The IVF clinic is actually using the pill to control her system.  By starting and stopping on the pil, giving various medicines, etc, they can basically decide when follicles will be produced and when they can asperate the eggs.  It is pretty clinical, but very insteresting.

Unless something drastic changes, I won’t have much to write until next week when we start some more meds.  So far side effects have been nonexistent. Hereis hoping that these pricks end up getting us pregnant.


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One Response to “Can you get pregnant with a little prick?”

  1. misterivf Says:

    Welcome to IVF land guys. Yeah – jabbing your wife is no fun, but I find a “chocolate incentive program” (and a small heating blanket for her to sit on before and after shots) was helpful when we got to the large needles. Good luck!!!!

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