Drinking my Way to More Sperm

Yeah I know the title sounds kinda, hmm, nasty to say the least.  I was watching FitTV the other night and a program came on called “The Truth About Food: How to be Sexy” in which they did all these food experiments.  The same sizes were very small,  less than 18 people in most cases, but the results were pretty interesting.  They took a group of men with low sperm counts and high numbers of damaged sperm and made them drink fruit smoothies two times a day for 3 months in an effort to improve the quality and quantity of their sperm.

The results showed that in a portion of the men, it actually did increase their sperm count, but more interesting was the fact that in all the men it improved the DNA of the sperm.  That is to say, the sperm was healthier.  I found that pretty interesting.

Even though my sperm count and health of my sperm is off the charts good, like my sperm could be the poster child of the year, I could win an award in fact they are soo good, I figured what could it hurt to have a few smoothies.  If nothing else, I would lose some weight.  So I went to the market today and bought a bunch of fruits.  Kiwi, bananna, pears, mangos, etc.  I chopped them all up, added some milk and whirred my way to fruit smoothie goodness.  It actually tasted quite nice, and on a hot Florida afternoon really hit the spot. 

I highly suggest you do some research for yourself and see if making a couple of milkshakes can help you on your path the parental bliss.


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