IVF for men, huh?

Alright, I know what you are thinking.  There are scores of websites dedicated to infertility treatments, and dozens that deal primarily with IVF. Yes my friend, you are correct.  However, most of these are from the females point of view.  What she is dealing with, going through etc.  Let’s not forget, it takes two to tango, and those eggs need some fertilizer.  That’s where this blog comes in.  My goal is to provide a mans perspective on IVF treatment.  The rituals, dealing with changing hormones, endless doctors visits, etc.  I hope to give my fellow IVF brothers a place to sit back, relax, perhaps learn a thing or two, and basically enjoy the process.


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4 Responses to “IVF for men, huh?”

  1. misterivf Says:

    Amen. Nice to see another “IVF from the gusy side” out here. Hang in there mate. Best of luck to you and your better half.

  2. Lorza Says:

    I am glad you guys are out here for the dudes…but also for us girls to help understand our dudes with MFI.

  3. mybumpyjourney Says:

    Just found your blog- curious as to if you are still out there? I am the female half of MFI. I like reading what is going through men’s heads in this big ole crapfest of IF. Hope all is well!

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